Once upon a time, I thought about starting a blog, with topics ranging from history and politics to religion and science. Being inexperienced with such things, I hesitated. Eventually, I went out and signed up for a wordpress account, and reserved a site.

The title of this blog is The Road to Shedolamak. The choice of name was very deliberate. Shedolamak is a little-known reference in the Doctrine and Covenants of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (abbreviated D&C). D&C 107:40-57 discusses the order of the patriarchal priesthood, and follows its line from Adam down to Noah. In verse 45 is says that

God called upon Cainan in the wilderness in the fortieth year of his age; and he met Adam in journeying to the place Shedolamak. He was eighty-seven years old when he received his ordination.

What was Shedolamak? Where was it located? I do not know. What can be gleaned from the context? Cainan was called of God when he was 40 years old, and subsequently met Adam while on a journey to this place. It is implied that Adam was the one who ordained Cainan. The punctuation makes it a little unclear if Cainan met Adam shortly after being called of God, or if this meeting was when Adam ordained Cainan. I prefer the latter, as it makes more sense to me.

Why is Shedolamak mentioned? None of the other ordinations in the surrounding verses mention location. It must have been important. I do not know, but I figured it would be a good name to use. I considered using the term “Zion”, but that would be easily confused with Zionists. Shedolamak is a “clean” term, one that also has the benefit of being exclusively LDS.

Discovering that my previous idea was too grand, being somewhat paralyzed by choices, I have decided to tone back the subject matter. In the future, I may broaden the topic to current events and my own past, but for now, the topics covered will be scripture theory.

And thus, it begins.



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